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Low Fat Cooking

Yes, I’m still here. Week 25

October 4, 2010

Tweet I am mostly doing well but there are times when I am struggling, my eating is not as good as it could be, I find myself snacking much more than I used to or really want to.  So this week NO ADDED SUGAR.  So snacks will be fruit, better for me anyways and since […]

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Weekend Happenings

July 12, 2010

Tweet The weekend was pretty kicked back.  Watched world cup soccer, drank some beer, relaxed.  The weather on Sunday was perfect for a run, cloudy and cool in the morning, although a bit humid.  I managed 3 miles, my shins felt fine and still feel okay today, hopefully that is over! On Saturday I made […]

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One Year Blog Anniversary, How did that happen???

July 10, 2010

Tweet Where did the year go?  I have been absent most of the week trying to pretend I am not hurting, but my shins have been killing me, who knew one day could do so much damage, they are finally feeling better a week later.  I am taking one more day off, a day where […]

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June 15th Food and Exercise Journl

June 15, 2010

Tweet The sun has run away again 🙁 Kerri, I blame you 😛 This morning I made a huge batch of steel cut oats, I love having breakfast made for several days especially when it’s one that normally takes a long time to cook.  At the grocery store I scored 10 Chobani yogurts for $10 […]

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Long Weekend Food and Exercise Journal

May 31, 2010

Tweet It pissed rain MOST of the weekend, my garden is drowning, like seriously the soil is past saturation, some things are really not looking happy 🙁  The sun did come out around 4 PM on Monday, I guess it was nice that it showed up at all but we were already done for the […]

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Rain, Rain Go Away!

May 26, 2010

Tweet It rained ALL day, all day 🙁  It was a rest day and with the rain I didn’t even get a dog walk in but I did manage to get 30 minutes of activity just by going up and down the stairs etc.  It has been a cold and wet May and I’m really […]

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10k race

May 23, 2010

Tweet The official results from today aren’t in yet but it looks like I took almost 4 minutes off of my time from the race at Myrtle Edwards on April 26th! 🙂  I’m very happy with that.  That 10k was the first time I had run 6 miles, this time I had a 7 mile […]

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A Blog Award, May 22nd Food and Exercise Journal

May 22, 2010

Tweet Kerrie at Mom vs Marathon tagged me for a blog award.  I’m supposed to list 7 fun things about me (hard :P) and pass it on to 15 bloggers. 1. Luna’s full AKC name is Spirithawk’s Dark o’ the Moon, when she was a pup who fit in 2 hands this was just too […]

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May 16th Food and Exercise Journal

May 16, 2010

Tweet I began the day with a 50 minute run, I felt slow and heavy and tired, I’ve been tired alot lately, so need to find a way to make the dogs NOT sleep on the bed, yeah right…  I managed to run 4 miles but I didn’t feel as energized at the end like […]

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May 10th Food and Exercise Journal

May 11, 2010

Tweet It’s Monday again, you know Mondays seem to come every seven days, does anyone else find this fact annoying?  Can’t Mondays come once a month?  Monday for me is chore day, laundry, cleaning, dishes that I never quite got around to over the weekend, etc. BORING!  I had a few errands to do as […]

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