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Blogger Secret Ingredient

May 24, 2010

Tweet Thanks to Biz for asking me to Host the Blogger Secret Ingredient (BSI) this week and thanks to Helen for for hosting last week! Check out her site for last week’s winner and secret ingredient! I have seen BSI posts, mostly on Biggest Diabetic Loser but I haven’t followed them that closely.  Upon being […]

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Why is exercise such a struggle? February 11th Food and Exercise Journal

February 11, 2010

Tweet And the exercise struggle continues, WHY???? The food portion of my new life is easy.  I really don’t desire to cook high fat or high sugar foods. (I never did much of the high sugar because I CAN’T bake, no really I can’t it does not suit my kitchen style of a bit of […]

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Motivation Outside the Scale February 2nd Food and Exercise Journal

February 2, 2010

Tweet Ate 24 of 25 points. Earned 6 activity points. Breakfast(4.5) –Whole Wheat English Muffin (2), (1/2 with neufchâtel (1), 1/2 with peanutbutter (1))mandarin oranges (0.5) Lunch (9)–White Turkey Chili (7), mango (2) Snack (2)–Yogurt (2) Dinner (8.5)–Chicken Cacciatore (5), 2/3 cup Brown Rice (2.5), Sautéed Zucchini with Oregano and Feta (1) Snack (1)–Oatmeal Raisin […]

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January 21st Food and Exercise Journal

January 22, 2010

Tweet Ate 25.5 of 25 points. Earned 5 activity points. Breakfast(5) –cherry Vanilla Oatmeal (5) Lunch (8)–Sausage, Barley and Kale (6), cashews (2) Dinner (9.5)–Chicken Biryani (7), green beans with butter (1), 1/2 beer (1.5) Snack (3)–chocolate pudding (1)cashew clusters (2) Week 3 day 3 of couch to 5k  done, got my best time ever […]

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Registered for 3 5k events

January 20, 2010

Tweet So I did it, I registered for not one but THREE 5k events over the next few months. Fitness for Vitality is doing one 5k on the last Sunday of January, February and March and I registered for all three.  One of my goals for this year is to run (not walk portions) a […]

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Keywords and Health Claims

January 13, 2010

Tweet Did you know that foods must meet strict definitions in order for their packaging to include key tersm such as “fat free,” “low-fat,” “lean,” “light,” “cholesterol-free,” “low sodium,” and the like? I didn’t I thought words like light were sort of nebulous.  I knew that to claim a food was “free” of fat or […]

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The Importance of Planning

January 11, 2010

Tweet Planning for me is critical for success.  The first few months of WeightWatchers I planned EVERY bite that went into my mouth in advance.  I did this in part because I wasn’t familiar with points values and feared that I would go over my daily points byjust by grabbing whatever when I was hungry.  […]

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Kitchen tools that I can’t live without for low calorie cooking

January 3, 2010

Tweet There are many tools that any cook can’t live without, ever try cutting a ton of vegetables without a sharp knife? But for low calorie cooking I have specific tools that I look to. I love having steamer baskets for veggies, you can always add some fat later if you want it. My misto […]

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New Month Resolution

January 1, 2010

Tweet I was going to do New Year’s Resolutions but honestly the month feels so much more managable and focuses change over a year so I’m going to stick with the monthly resolutions, it’s also nice to be able to mark my progress and know I’m succeeding.I hope that these things that I add monthly […]

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New Month New Resolution

December 2, 2009

Tweet Thank you Roni of for the idea that we don’t have to wait til the new year to make resolutions. So on this first day of December I’m making some resolutions for the month. 1. Remember that a holiday is just that a day. I learned from Thanksgiving that I can’t be near […]

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