New Month Resolution

by Alison on January 1, 2010

I was going to do New Year’s Resolutions but honestly the month feels so much more managable and focuses change over a year so I’m going to stick with the monthly resolutions, it’s also nice to be able to mark my progress and know I’m succeeding.
I hope that these things that I add monthly will add up to lots of changes over the year, taken in smaller more manageable bites. So New Month’s Resolution will be a regular feature.

To review last month my resolutions were

1. Remember that a holiday is just that a day. I learned from Thanksgiving that I can’t be near the leftovers, I have to give them away and have plans for light nutritious meals after the holiday fare.

2. To enjoy what I eat and not eat mindlessly.

3. To enjoy some form of activity every day.

4. To keep blogging and journaling no matter how “bad” it looks

I really didn’t do better on number 1 than I did at Thanksgiving, granted there were more “events” in a single week but still it’s something I need to work on this coming year… I mastered number 2 fairly well aside from some junk that was around, I made Ben hide it and things began to look up. I did really well on number 3. I managed 30 minutes on all but 2 days and that was due to pain as opposed to not being bothered. And number 4 I did great, I didn’t count points the week of christmas but I did write it all down.

This month

1. To eat vegetarian completely one day a week.

2. To try a new recipe each week.

3. To enjoy some form of activity every day. Not new

4. To keep blogging and journalling. Not new This has been a great outlet and way to organise my thoughts.

5. To lose 5 pounds (may not seem like much but it’s achievable and I like focusing on 5 at a time).

6. I put the most important last. To make myself a priority, by taking care of myself I can better take care of others. I started this in 2009 now I plan to really focus on it. Taking time for exercise and clean eating to start, I’m sure there is more that I’m not thinking of yet. I have put me at the top of my to do list.

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