I have been doing monthly “resolutions” rather  than  New Year’s Resolutions.  These goals are smaller than ones I hope to accomplish in a year.  I do have long term goals without dates attached but having some with dates helps with my focus.

Current Month’s Resolutions

    1. To eat vegetarian completely one day a week. (old)
    2. To try a new recipe each week. (old)
    3. To enjoy some form of activity every day. (old)
    4. To lose 5 pounds. (old)
    5. To cut out artificial sweetners, so no yogurts, juices, sodas, coffees, etc with splenda, nutrasweet or the like.  If I want something sweet it have to be from something that grew, either fruit or <gasp> real sugar, honey, molasses etc.
    6. To beat my 5k time and try to run the whole thing (I will except the hill if needed, but I plan to try it.)

      Long Term Goals

      To get out of the obese BMI and into Overweight

      To get to a healthy weight

      To run a 5k (that’s run not walk portions)

      To complete a half marathon

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      Stephanie Cawthon January 25, 2010 at 8:01 PM

      Wow Duxie I had no idea you were doing this. I am inspired! Thanks for the affirmation that we can really do this!!!!


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