Registered for 3 5k events

by Alison on January 20, 2010

So I did it, I registered for not one but THREE 5k events over the next few months.

Fitness for Vitality is doing one 5k on the last Sunday of January, February and March and I registered for all three.  One of my goals for this year is to run (not walk portions) a 5k.  I will not be ready to run the full thing on January 31st, I might not even manage the one on February 28th, but I feel confident that the one on March 28th will be run in its entirety.   All three events are at Seward Park in Seattle so I’ll get a very solid indication on my time improvements.

I asked a couple of people in my WeightWatchers meeting to join me and at least is, maybe 2 we’ll see.  It will be fun to do it with someone else and maybe I can manage a half marathon later this year, doubt I’ll be running it but who knows…

I’m feeling good about this choice and taking action on it so quickly, I’m registered, I spent money, I will not be backing out.  I’m not sure I will ever consider myself a runner, I still don’t get the sheer enjoyment from it that so many seem too, ok at this point its still really hard and I can’t run more than 3 minutes at a time, but I’m improving.  Couch to 5k is really helping me and surprising me.  When I had to increase from 90 seconds of running to 3 minutes and equal running and walking as opposed to more walking I was dreading it, but I managed it, I’m stronger than I think.  being fundamentally lazy it takes this kind of push to get me to move outside of my comfort zone and actually push myself.

What I’m really proud of is that I’m not waiting until I know I can meet my goal, but I’m signing up now, when the weather’s not perfect when I still can’t complete the goal because it gives me a reason to push and something to work towards.  I’m looking forward to seeing my times improve, I’m looking forward to getting a jump on the 5k season so maybe I can manage something bigger.  I feel proud of me and that doesn’t happen often, hell I’m proud of actually being proud of myself, how silly does that sound typed out, but it’s true, I don’t give myself enough credit for my weight loss and exercise efforts but this time I am and I’m proud.

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