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January 2, 2012

Tweet I planned to get back to blogging and already so many challenges.  Today one dog had surgery and the other had X-rays that found massive arthritis in her spine and several nearly collapsed disks 🙁 She has been in alot of pain the last week and in to see the emergency vet and the […]

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Running Thoughts

April 8, 2010

Tweet Woke up and went for a 2 mile run, rounding it out to 3 with warm up and cooldown.  I found a decent 2 mile run with some hills but not too many for my newbie runner self. I am still waffling on whether to do a half marathon on June 26th, I don’t […]

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February 16th Food and Exercise Journal

February 17, 2010

Tweet Today’s run was a struggle start to finish, I just felt BLAH and never got that groove that helps me keep going.  Ironically I improved my time again, why does this happen when it feels like I’m sucking.  However my arthritis in my ankle is flaring so I will not be running or doing […]

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February 13th Food and Exercise Journal

February 14, 2010

Tweet Saturday was a pretty boring laid back day.  Never mind now that I think about it the first half was very busy.  We picked up the dogs from day camp/boarding and went grocery shopping, shopping exhausts me!  The rest of the day was laid back and we capped it off by going out to […]

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I’m Back

August 26, 2009

Tweet I’m back from my vacation, marriage, convention etc! I’m glad that I didn’t pretend that I would blog while away because I forgot my computer. For those who know me, I know I know, shocking! I was in such a hurry the morning I left that I forgot the computer, the computer sitting out […]

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Away on vacation

August 12, 2009

Tweet I’ll be away from my blog until August 23rd. I’m off to get married and see family and go to a convention!

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Time to get things started

July 7, 2009

Tweet I’m not even sure where to begin. I have been on this weight loss journey for 6 months now. This is certainly not my first effort at weightloss but I am determined it will be my LAST. For some reason this time it all clicked. A lightbulb went off and it has been easier […]

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