I’m Back

by Alison on August 26, 2009

I’m back from my vacation, marriage, convention etc!

I’m glad that I didn’t pretend that I would blog while away because I forgot my computer. For those who know me, I know I know, shocking! I was in such a hurry the morning I left that I forgot the computer, the computer sitting out ready to go…

So the vacation was great, ate amazing food in vegas Mesa Grill was one of the best meals of my life, at too much at all 3 Vegas dinners, but hey its 3 days right?

My knee got worse and worse as the vacation went on, probably the extra walking, but yesterday it was better most of the day and so far so good today, if this keeps up I’ll hop on the treadmill again Thursday or Friday.

I’m sort of dreading the weigh-in on Saturday but I did give myself permission to gain up to 5 pounds while I was gone so I’m not dreading it that much as I’m sure I didn’t do that much.
Food Journals to follow soon.

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