by Alison on January 2, 2012

I planned to get back to blogging and already so many challenges.  Today one dog had surgery and the other had X-rays that found massive arthritis in her spine and several nearly collapsed disks 🙁 She has been in alot of pain the last week and in to see the emergency vet and the regular vet to try to figure it out.  So now she is on a ton of meds to try to get it under control.  Drake’s surgery was to remove a lypoma and probably nothing in the long run but for now he is mopey and needs a ton of attention.

So although I ate pretty well yesterday and today I didn’t journal so I do not have exact numbers.

I have been doing Stroller Strides for my workouts and I plan to skip Wednesday, I just don’t feel I can leave the dogs yet that soon, Friday Ben will be home with them so I’ll be back in the swing on Friday.


Breakfast Oatmeal with appples and cinnamon, glass of orange juice

Lunch–Cheese and Beer Soup

Dinner–Four Cheese Baked Penne

Snack– nonfat latte


Breakfast–non fat caramel macchiato, bacon breakfast sandwich

Lunch–Sausage, Bulgar and Kale

Dinner–Biz’s Chicken Tikka Masala, such a good easy recipe, and brown rice


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