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I’m baaaaaaaack

December 31, 2011

Tweet Okay, I have been absent way, way, way too long but I’m back and ready to recommit. So it’s the final day of 2011 and it’s been a pretty wild year.  I had a baby and she kind of changed my life, rather a lot really.  She is not a fan of napping so […]

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February 22nd Food and Exercise Journal

February 23, 2011

Tweet Ashley is one month today, wow feels like maybe 2 weeks.  I got no activity in, I was lazy with the rain and I have a baby who screams bloody murder if I put her down at all, I have to make sure she is completely asleep, UGH!  The baby was in melt down […]

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February 21st Food and Exercise Journal

February 22, 2011

Tweet When I’m eating healthy, it’s actually hard to eat all of my extra points, I didn’t come close today (until I added a soy vanilla latte, and then a brownie).  My sweet tooth since the baby was born is insane. I finally got out and got some exercise I walked 2 miles with Ashley […]

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February 20th Food and Exercise Journal

February 21, 2011

Tweet I have recommitted!  Pretty easy with 14 extra points plus for nursing! I didn’t get any activity in because Ashley wanted to nurse ALL DAY, she spent over 8 hours nursing and didn’t go very long without a snack, it was exhausting!  I admit the nursing points are nice for full fat cheeses! Despite […]

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Hard to Get my Groove Back!

February 18, 2011

Tweet So a week ago I wrote about planning to get back to walking and go to a WeightWatchers meeting.  So about that…. I did hit a WeightWatchers meeting where I discovered that I am up 24.4 pounds from my last official WW weigh in on July 10th and 28 from my lowest weight pre-pregnancy.  […]

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