Hard to Get my Groove Back!

by Alison on February 18, 2011

So a week ago I wrote about planning to get back to walking and go to a WeightWatchers meeting.  So about that….

I did hit a WeightWatchers meeting where I discovered that I am up 24.4 pounds from my last official WW weigh in on July 10th and 28 from my lowest weight pre-pregnancy.  No big deal I was expecting that.  They offered to reset my start weight to my current weight but I declined as I really want to hit that 100 pound mark and I can deal without stars as I rid myself of baby weight gain.

But I swear I am eating worse now than when I was pregnant, cookies and candy and other bad stuff, OH MY!!!! Walking what walking????  I stopped walking about week 38 due to extreme pain any time I took anything longer than a 3 minute stroll so now it has been 5 weeks and it seems daunting, what happened to exercise as my stress relief?  What happened to my time (oh yeah, I know what happened there, a baby who hates to be put down, laundry, laundry, cooking, laundry). But seriously I found no time to hop on the treadmill this week or even take a stroll around the block, although that is daunting, bundling up the baby, getting out the stroller etc.  I am getting walking in with the baby going places and weight training carrying that damn car seat, which currently weighs more than she does!  So my plans to walk this week didn’t really happen, but I aspire to do better this week, 3 times a week I will get in a mile. (Starting small!)

So now on to the eating portion of our program, it sucked!!!! I munched on various cookies and crackers, the dog finished them off for which I am grateful.  I have had a crazy sweet tooth and no fruit is not satisfying it.  Some of the meals I froze at the end of last year are a bit heavier on calories and fat than I would normally make but I do have 14 extra points a day for breast feeding, so if it weren’t for the empty calories I would probably be doing okay, so aspiration number 2, no junk food in the house.  Well Ben’s junk can stay I am not a fan of cheese crackers and the like so it doesn’t tempt me like sweets (at least for now).

Note I called them aspirations not resolutions, probably dooming myself but right now I’m still getting my bearings with a new baby and don’t want to beat myself up if I fail to meet goals, although they really are small…

Ugh many baby interruptions later I have lost my train of thought.  But she’s so cute, I can’t help but forgive her.

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Biz February 21, 2011 at 9:08 AM

I wouldn’t worry about not getting back into the groove just yet – I remember what a pain it was to pack Hannah up when she was little – but as your little one gets a bit bigger and you get braver, both of you will love the fresh outdoor air!

She’s so beautiful! 😀
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Megan February 22, 2011 at 10:56 AM

She’s gorgeous!!!! Congrats on your little one! I feel like such a lazy butt compared to you — trying to raise a baby AND eat right. =)

I’m excited to share in your progress with you.
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