Current Fitness Regimen

Running 5x a week

Bowflex at least twice a week

Yoga at least once a week

Wii Fit or EA active  when the mood strikes

Fitness Challenges or Long Term Programs

I am currently working on a 10k running plan with the goal of running a few 10k races this summer, hopefully running the entirety  of one

Long long term goals include doing a half marathon, am I crazy?

Fitness Goals

To run a 10k

Completed Fitness Challenges

Couch to 5k

3 5k races ran the whole of all but the first

100 Push-ups

200 Squats

200 Sit ups

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garima agrawal January 1, 2011 at 2:02 PM


happy new year!!!!

first of all i will really appreciate for your spirit to loose weight.
I want to share something with you. I am 28 yrs old and i have a son. 2 years old. after my delivery i gained weight45 kgs to 55 kgs. so it is just 10 kg extra. i am working on it. like walking, balanced diet, ecercise and yoga. surprisingly i m loosing weight. which is good. i m not far from my goal.

Here i need a small advice from you. I am loosing weight but my belly size is not decreasing. how can i remove belly fat. plz give me some tip. belly size is 36 inches



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