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Hard to Get my Groove Back!

February 18, 2011

Tweet So a week ago I wrote about planning to get back to walking and go to a WeightWatchers meeting.  So about that…. I did hit a WeightWatchers meeting where I discovered that I am up 24.4 pounds from my last official WW weigh in on July 10th and 28 from my lowest weight pre-pregnancy.  […]

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Yes, I’m still here. Week 25

October 4, 2010

Tweet I am mostly doing well but there are times when I am struggling, my eating is not as good as it could be, I find myself snacking much more than I used to or really want to.  So this week NO ADDED SUGAR.  So snacks will be fruit, better for me anyways and since […]

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Long walk in the (can you believe it) SUN

June 22, 2010

Tweet I know I know unbelievable! We had a sunny day and it’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow too, but then rainy the rest of the week <sigh> I have decided not to run this week to rest my hip and I thought walking would be okay but by the end of the 5 miles […]

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Does it feel like Monday to anyone else???

June 2, 2010

Tweet Monday holidays always confuse me for the week!  It’s June already, how did that happen?  Not that it feels like June in Western Washington, more like March 🙁  The sun decided to put in an appearance on Monday of the long weekend for about 24 hours and now we are supposed to have rain […]

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Long Weekend Food and Exercise Journal

May 31, 2010

Tweet It pissed rain MOST of the weekend, my garden is drowning, like seriously the soil is past saturation, some things are really not looking happy 🙁  The sun did come out around 4 PM on Monday, I guess it was nice that it showed up at all but we were already done for the […]

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May 25th Food and Exercise Journal

May 25, 2010

Tweet The new bed was good but still needs some breaking in.  I didn’t feel the dogs wow, what a difference.  Only down side is that if I get to close to the edge I feel like I’m going to fall off 😛 After a pretty decent night sleep I woke up hungry so I […]

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New Bed, new recipe, cool day

May 24, 2010

Tweet The morning began with a quick cross training workout, the bike just was annoying after 5 minutes so I walked on the treadmill then did the bowflex.  It was an okay if boring workout.  For breakfast I had a latte and a blueberry smoothie.  Then our new bed came!!!!! We got a new Tempur-Pedic […]

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10k race

May 23, 2010

Tweet The official results from today aren’t in yet but it looks like I took almost 4 minutes off of my time from the race at Myrtle Edwards on April 26th! 🙂  I’m very happy with that.  That 10k was the first time I had run 6 miles, this time I had a 7 mile […]

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A Blog Award, May 22nd Food and Exercise Journal

May 22, 2010

Tweet Kerrie at Mom vs Marathon tagged me for a blog award.  I’m supposed to list 7 fun things about me (hard :P) and pass it on to 15 bloggers. 1. Luna’s full AKC name is Spirithawk’s Dark o’ the Moon, when she was a pup who fit in 2 hands this was just too […]

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May 21st Food and Exercise Journal

May 21, 2010

Tweet I slept well again, woot! I’m almost out of my sleep debt.  I went out running this morning, the weather couldn’t make up it’s mind.  It was sunny on parts of the trail and drizzling on others, naturally it was sunny on the unshaded portions…  I did a 50 minute run, very happy that […]

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