Long walk in the (can you believe it) SUN

by Alison on June 22, 2010

I know I know unbelievable! We had a sunny day and it’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow too, but then rainy the rest of the week <sigh>

I have decided not to run this week to rest my hip and I thought walking would be okay but by the end of the 5 miles my hips were sore, not sure what is going on and I’m not sure if I will be running my 10k race on Sunday, it’s a completely level race so I’m just not sure.  I also took the dogs for a walk with Ben so lots of exercise and the walk in the morning actually got my heart rate up which is good but walking doesn’t do it for me anymore.

For breakfast I had peanut butter, banana and a bagel thin, boring but good.  For lunch I had half of a leftover Pasty with a salad and yogurt.  For dinner I made Roni’s Pom Marinated Chicken with Brown Rice and Spinach It was so fast and easy.  I did add some onion and used fresh tarragon since I had it.  I used up a cheap balsamic I had around which was a bit of mistake, I think it would have been better with a better balsamic, but I can try that next time.

Pom Marinated Chicken with Brown Rice and Spinach

June 22nd

Ate 22 of 23 points. Earned 5 activity points.

  • Breakfast (4.5) –Peanut butter, banana and bagel thin
  • Lunch (7.5)–  1/2 Whole Wheat Cornish Pasty (4.5), Yogurt (2), salad with vinagrette (1)
  • Dinner (6) –Pom Marinated Chicken and Rice (6)
  • Snack (3)– Ice cream

Running Weekly totals used 21 of 35 weekly points, earned 5 activity points.

Weekly Mileage Count 5

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Nicole, RD June 23, 2010 at 1:43 PM

Your poor hips 🙁 I hope you can race on Sunday, but you have to listen to your body.

Mark and I argue in the vinegar aisle a lot. I’m sorry, but balsamic vinegar has a WIDE RANGE of qualities and the cheap stuff just doesn’t cut it for some dishes! 🙂 Husband will have to learn!

Alison June 23, 2010 at 3:38 PM

very true, there are alot of recipes it is fine for, this was not one of them, live and learn and the trader joe’s balsamic is a good compromise, pretty cheap and works in most things even salad dressing.

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