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June 2010

Granola Bars, Hips and Sun

June 30, 2010

Tweet Okay random title :p  I have the granola recipe you will find it below.  These bars are not super sweet and definitely on the chewy not crunchy end of the scale but I loved them. My hips felt fine today, well no better or worse, so I’ll stick with running for now but I […]

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June 29th Food and Exercise Journal

June 29, 2010

Tweet I managed a 3 mile run this morning and my hips didn’t feel any worse at the end, the proof will be after a good night’s sleep.  Tomorrow is a rest day so a day to let my hips take it all in.  It was a nice day for a run, overcast and cool […]

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June 28th Food and Exercise Journal

June 29, 2010

Tweet I walked 3 miles this morning on the treadmill and did 20 minutes on the bowflex.  My hips felt no worse at the end so tomorrow I plan to get a run in. As usual it was a hateful Monday full of domestic chores, and trying to rehabilitate the house after my husband being […]

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June 27th Food and Exercise Journal

June 27, 2010

Tweet Sunday, hmmmm.  I have a love/hate relationship with Sundays.  I love the kicking back, usually more relaxing than Saturdasy, I hate they signal the end of the weekend.  This was a lazy Sunday, we did go out to Brunch since we were cheated last weekend and I did have to go grocery shopping (I’m […]

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75 pounds!

June 26, 2010

Tweet Another huge milestone for me.  I have lost 75 pounds more than 30% of my starting weight and more weight than I have ever lost before, by more than 50% I know, I know, lots of numbers being thrown around but I’m totally excited by these numbers. June 25th Ate 35 of 23 points. […]

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Six hours standing in line

June 24, 2010

Tweet But I got my new Iphone!  I waited from 7-12 then had to go to an appointment, I was at least 2 hours from the front of the line at the pace it was moving, oh yeah total suckage!  So I came back at 6:30 and waited for another hour and got my new […]

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I found the rings!

June 23, 2010

Tweet I found my rings, woohoo!!  They were on the dining room table, not sure I looked there carefully.  Hips are still sore and now I’m sure it’s not in my head because I woke up twice because I hurt my hip turning over 🙁  I plan to make the call on Friday whether I’m […]

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Long walk in the (can you believe it) SUN

June 22, 2010

Tweet I know I know unbelievable! We had a sunny day and it’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow too, but then rainy the rest of the week <sigh> I have decided not to run this week to rest my hip and I thought walking would be okay but by the end of the 5 miles […]

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June 21st Food and Exercise Journal

June 21, 2010

Tweet I took today off as well and my hip seems to be feeling  better, if it feels better tomorrow I will probably go for a run.  Today is NOT the first day of summer, at least not in spirit.  For breakfast I had cherry vanilla oatmeal, I need to make another big pot since […]

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June 20th Food and Exercise Journal

June 20, 2010

Tweet UGH when did fathers start honing in on Mother’s day territory ie brunch!  We tried to go to 4 different places grrrrr.  Don’t dads get BBQs and sports???  So after spending the whole freaking morning driving around we went to the grocery store and got cinnamon rolls for breakfast, not what I wanted but […]

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