The Importance of Planning

by Alison on January 11, 2010

Planning for me is critical for success.  The first few months of WeightWatchers I planned EVERY bite that went into my mouth in advance.  I did this in part because I wasn’t familiar with points values and feared that I would go over my daily points byjust by grabbing whatever when I was hungry.  In the early days I sat with cookbooks and the WeightWatchers site and planned it out on a calendar for the week.  As time went on I knew more about the average point values of foods and could be fairly confident by just planning my dinners so the end of the day was planned and I made sure to have points for what was planned.

Planning all my meals has another bonus as well, I can plan my grocery list for the whole week and only shop once for the week.  Personally I find impulse buys go up the less I have on my list to buy.  Seriously, if I go into the grocery store to pick up just a few items I almost always walk away with things I didn’t need, very often in the form of junk food.  Being the overly organized person that I am I have my grocery list on the computer and its organized the way the store is, The things I buy most often are on it organized by category (fruit, vegetables, canned goods, dairy etc) with room to add things that I purchase infrequently.  Once I have my menu for the week I simply check off the items I need to get at the store.  I also put at the top of the list anything I need to defrost for the week so I don’t forget.

At the moment planning helps me make sure that I fit in the day of vegetarian eating that I have committed to this month and hope to continue through the rest of the year.  Also as I get less points as I lose planning becomes more important so that I don’t accidentally go over my points.  Planning also means no food gets wasted as I plan for the use of leftovers as well.

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