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by Alison on June 3, 2010

So we booted the dogs last night and I was surprised how good about it they were.  They each came up twice, not bad I expected hourly incursions.  I made a big deal all day about their beds, I gave them a cookie for going in them, mind you they did sometimes sleep in their beds so they had no aversions to them.  Getting them to settle into their beds and not ours was the hardest part, but we managed.  I can’t say I slept any better and I was actually cold with no extra warmth from my furry friends, but it is ultimately for the best.  For now we are taking a hardline, they cannot get on our bed at all, eventually it may become they cannot get on our bed when we are in it and before you tell me they can’t understand the difference, they can and do.  I was expecting Drake to try to jump up when I was showering this morning because I couldn’t get him interested in his bed, he tried to jump up on ours once and I told him off.  Happily when I stood in the shower and could no longer enforce the rule he jumped up on his bed/chair.

Today was a cross training day, still hate the bike.  I did 10 miles in 30 minutes then did a full body workout on the bowflex.  I upped all my weights today and I was shocked that I could still do at least 12 reps of every exercise at the new weight and 16 on many, hmmm maybe I’ll up it again next week.  For breakfast I continued my rut of peanut butter and banana on bagel thins, what can I say they hit the spot at the moment.  For lunch I had some left over side salads from Memorial Day and some yogurt and dinner was leftover quesadillas, trying to clean out the fridge.

I have had alot of comments on the changes between my March and May photos on the blog and I think that although I didn’t lose a ton of weight in that time I did lose a ton of inches and I’m pretty sure I can attribute that to running 🙂  If you haven’t had a look recently check out the photos.  Do other people find that a certain exercise really changes their body composition even if it doesn’t show as much on the scale?  What is that exercise for you?

June 3rd

Ate 22.5 of 23 points. Earned 4 activity points.

  • Breakfast (4.5) – Peanut butter, banana and bagel thin
  • Lunch (8)– Tabbouleh (3), Potato Salad (3), Chobani (2)
  • Dinner (8)–Smoky BBQ Pork Quesadillas (7), Green Beans (1)
  • Snack (2)–Strawberry frozen yogurt

Running Weekly totals used 29.5 of 35 weekly points, earned 26 activity points.

Weekly Mileage Count 8

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Kerrie @ Mom vs. Marathon June 4, 2010 at 10:01 AM

Yes! I have not lost a lot of weight running, but a ton of inches. Went from a size 16 to a size 10 now. I’ve only lost about 10 pounds in almost a year.
.-= Kerrie @ Mom vs. Marathon´s last blog ..It’s Time to Be Here, Not There =-.

beej June 4, 2010 at 8:36 PM

Hey, Alison, don’t feel bad for being in “rut” with your breakfast–sometimes it’s really nice to stick with what you like, you know?

…uh, yeah, you have lost a lot (even if it’s not a ton of pounds! Great job, Alison. 10 miles in 30 minutes on the bike? Amazing.

Jenn June 7, 2010 at 3:44 PM

Hi! I found your blog through Biz from Biggest Diabetic Loser. It’s always neat to find a blogger from the area (I live in Washington too.)

I’ve recently started running and even though the scale hasn’t budged, people that I see on a regular basis keep commenting that I look skinnier. I’m not diligent enough to regularly take measurements, but apparently I’m losing inches. Running is fabulous!!! 🙂
.-= Jenn´s last blog ..Chipotle-Lime Tacos with Fresh Pineapple Salsa =-.

Alison June 8, 2010 at 7:08 AM

Hey Jenn, I love finding local bloggers too, it is cool. If you look at my weightloss March to May the numbers aren’t amazing but the inches and pictures definitely are, has to be the running, March I finished couch to 5k and started increasing my distances and I think it shows. what part of Washington are you in?

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