Traffic makes me grumpy

by Alison on May 20, 2010

Ben had a later lab session today so he went into work an hour later which meant that we got to sleep in an hour 🙂  I slept well last night so I am feeling much more alive today, but I cheated I slept in the other room so I had room to not be crowded by beasts.  I think they are cuddling in closer because the temperatures dropped and I refuse to turn the heat on again, no heat in May!  After taking Ben to work I had raspberry yogurt, plain greek yogurt with mashed up fresh raspberries so much cheaper than buying flavoured yogurts and so much more tasty, especially since I buy the big tubs of Greek yogurt when it goes on sale.  I also had a bagel thin with laughing cow.  Then I trudged my way up to Bellevue.  I had a 10 am appointment, I left at 9, a very generous amount of time unless someone stupid is on the road who decides to get into an accident.  at 9:55 I got into the carpool lane, I had gone less than half the distance, yes I cheated I used the carpool lane and I only arrived 15 minutes late.  I was a grumpasaur when I got to my appointment.  General slowdowns because of lots of cars is one thing stupid people who should have their license taken away quite another! <grumble grumble> <end rant>

For lunch I had leftover sloppy joes and creamy thai carrot soup I got some chores done, meal planning etc then decided to hit the bike.  I have decided I really hate biking, there is no such thing as a comfortable seat for my still too large ass, not even a recumbant with a wide seat is truly comfortable and the bodybugg just sucks at picking up my movement which makes me feel like I haven’t accomplished much.  I tried putting it on my leg as was suggested but I couldn’t find a place where it would stay powered on 🙁  So according to the bodybugg on my 30 minute bike ride where I rode 9 miles I earned 0, yes zero minutes of activity, usually it does better than that but I was reading this time instead of watching TV, hmmmm.  Anyone have any other suggestions for good cross training?  The bike is just frustrating me.  Is walking really not a good idea as cross training for running?

I had an afternoon snack of more raspberry yogurt and picked Ben up at work and then we took the dogs for a walk, take that bodybugg, I got my activity in 😛  For dinner we had leftover pork tenderloin and mashed potatoes and I sauteed some spinach with a little bit of olive oil to get my healthy oils in.  For an evening snack I had some lowfat chocolate pudding, no fake sugars 😛  Tomorrow I get to run again and I really hope I have another good night of sleep so that I don’t feel like a slug 😛

May 20th

Ate 21 of 23 points. Earned 4 activity points.

  • Breakfast (5) –Yogurt (2), Raspberries (1), Bagel Thin (1), Laughing Cow (1)
  • Lunch (6)–Sloppy Joes (5), Creamy Thai Carrot Soup (1)
  • Raspberries and Yogurt (2)
  • Dinner (7)–Pork Tenderloin (3), Mashed Potatoes (3), Sauteed Spinach (1)
  • Chocolate Pudding (1)

Running Weekly totals used 29.5 of 35 weekly points, earned 26 activity points.

Weekly Mileage Count 12

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