New Month Resolutions, May

by Alison on May 1, 2010

I’m still liking the monthly resolutions, and this month I will mostly be reinforcing the ones I have picked up but I do plan to add one or two new ones.
I hope that these things that I add monthly will add up to lots of changes over the year, taken in smaller more manageable bites. So New Month’s Resolution will be a regular feature.To review last month my resolutions were

1. To enjoy some form of activity every day. (old)

2. To lose 5 pounds.

3. To cut out artificial sweetners, so no yogurts, juices, sodas, coffees, etc with splenda, nutrasweet or the like.  If I want something sweet it have to be from something that grew, either fruit or <gasp> real sugar, honey, molasses etc. (old)

4. To run at least 12 miles a week

5. To floss daily, not weightloss but a resolution none the less and the one I committed to on Nicole’s site Prevention RD as part of her Do what you Don’t Challenge

Number one is just a part of life now…   I got at least 30 minutes of activity every day.  Most days I did more than 90 minutes, several days I worked out then walked the dogs with Ben in the evening for another 30 minutes.  I lost 4.2 pounds or 0.8 pounds less than my goal, I think I am changing my goal to be 4 pounds a month or a pound a week.  I am torn between it being a stretch and it being a bit frustrating that I can’t seem to hit it the closer I get to goal.  I had artificial sweeteners a few times  in sodas.   I ran a 10k  race, ran it, all of it, OMG  and another day I ran seven miles.  I smoked my 12 miles a week goal running a total of 82 miles this month!  The run a mile a day challenge probably contributed but not that much, way to go me!  I flossed 29 of 30 days, now I need to stick with it…

This month

1.  To lose 4 pounds.

2. To run at least 15 miles a week

3. To improve my time at my next 10k race (May 23rd)

4. To post at least 4 recipes because I’m slacking :P

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