April 9th Food and Exercise Journal

by Alison on April 9, 2010

I knocked out my 2 miles first thing in the morning, bringing my weekly mileage total to 14.  Then I was a slug most of the day, but I did get a bit more garden work done.  The walls of water seem awesome, it was definitely warmer inside of them and it was warmer today as well, which is nice, but who knows given that we spring (and practically summer) in winter we might have autumn next and skip spring and summer 😛  For Breakfast we had Kodiak cakes with banana, such a good mix with whole wheat and honey in it.  For lunch we had egg white quiches with broccoli and cheddar, picked them up at costco, pretty tasty and 5 points for a quarter of it.  For dinner we had leftover Tortilla Free Burritos, which didn’t look so great the second time around (especially since I mixed in the sour cream and guacamole BEFORE I took the picture, ooops) But it still tasted good so what can you do, it can’t all be pretty.

Ate 22 of 24 points. Earned 4 activity points.

Breakfast (7.5) – Banana Pancakes with syrup

Lunch (6)–Quiche and salad

Dinner (8)–Tortilla Free Burritos(5), Guacamole (2), Light sour cream (1), salsa (0), Green Beans with butter (1)

Running Weekly totals used 23 of 35 weekly points, earned 36 activity points.

April Run a Mile a Day Challenge 9/30

Weekly Mileage Count 14

Broccoli Quiche and Salad

Tortilla Free Burrito

Doesn’t look so good as leftovers but it still tasted great.

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