What happened to my post? March 21st Food and Exercise Journal

by Alison on March 22, 2010

So to my fellow bloggers have you ever written a post in your mind, thought you wrote it then realised no, it was all in my head. <sigh>  The post was good too.  Oh well time to try to re-create it (yeah, right).

I began the day with a bit of a snack to get me through a 5k run.  I had a sandwich thin with laughing cow cheese, just enough to keep me going until brunch.  I hopped on the treadmill and plowed away running 3.1 miles in 41 minutes.  I can’t seem to get my time back up to where it was pre-vacation.  Oh well I am still finishing, I’m still doing it and that’s ultimately what matters.  For brunch I made corned beef hash, scrambled eggs and a sandwich thin.  I really should have done fried eggs so the yolk could run down the hash mmmmm, but alas I didn’t.  Brunch was large and filling and worth every single calorie!  The skies were grey and it was drizzling on and off but I pointed out to Ben that if we waited for the perfect moment to walk the dogs it would never come, so off we went and 10 minutes later we got the hardest rain of the day…  Luna looked a bit drowned when we got home but she still had a great time.  I finally went grocery shopping which is good because the pantry was empty and we have so many yummies coming up this week.  For dinner I put together a summer’s almost here menu, including grilling burgers outside!!!!!  I made greek inspired cheeseburgers with oregano and mint in the burgers served with spinach and feta on top, super yummy.  On the side with had sweet potato fries and baked onion rings that were tasty and crunchy but a bit too dry, next time I think I will avoid overcooking them 😛 and try to have thicker onions, too much breading to onion for my taste.

I wrapped up by watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, wow some powerful stuff there.  He goes into Huntington West Virginia the most unhealthy city in the US based on CDC data for 2008 and tries to change how they relate to food, how they cook, what they cook for school lunches etc.  Did you know that the USDA requires 2 bread servings at lunch for school kids and that pizza counts but brown rice doesn’t????? or maybe it counted as one but he still needed a second one in either case why?  So I’m looking forward to seeing how the show shapes up, he met a lot of resistance from the locals so I can’t wait to see how it goes. Is anyone else watching?

Ate 26 of 24 points. Earned 6 activity points.

Breakfast(2) –Sandwich thin, laughing cow

Lunch (12)–Eggs (2), Corned Beef Hash (8), mandarin oranges (1), sandwich thin (1)

Dinner (12)–Greek Style Cheeseburgers (6), sweet potato fries (2), “fried” onion rings (3), salad with homemade ranch dressing (1)

Running Weekly totals used 19.5 of 35 weekly points, earned 10 activity point

Corned Beef Hash in the skillet

Corned Beef Hash with Scrambled Egg and Eggwhite

Greek Inspired Cheese burgers with Oven Fried Onion Rings and Sweet Potato Fries

Oh and Salad, must not forget the salad.

We had Sweet Potato Fries and Onion Rings because Ben wasn’t sure he’d like the onion rings.  So we had a half serving of each, just in case…

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beej March 22, 2010 at 7:24 PM

Wow, that food looks great! you really do make the best food. And yeha, I’ll have to watch tha Jamie Oliver show, too. Second person to recommend it!

Alison March 23, 2010 at 3:31 PM

You should come over for dinner some night soon.

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