Race number 3 done, super improvement! March 28th Food and Exercise Journal

by Alison on March 29, 2010

I ran the third 5k in my 3 race series and at the bottom of the post you will find my complete times but I finished this one in 34 minutes 26 seconds a HUGE improvement in my time.  I went out fast, probably too fast but I kept it up, the 1 mile sign wasn’t there so I really had no idea how I was doing, I felt like I was going sloooooooooooooooow, but clearly I was not.  They took the hill out this time so probably gained a minute there but that’s still a minute off each mile!  When I got home we walked the dogs as storms threatened and I’m glad we did because it bucketed rain and hailed for a minute as well.  The rain was coming down so hard it sounded like someone was spraying a hose at the windows.  For lunch we had leftover chicken souvlaki and for dinner I made buffalo chicken and blue cheese meatloaf, a bit too strong on the blue cheese for me but I’ll adjust that.

Ate 25 of 24 points. Earned 7 activity points.

Breakfast(6.5) –peanut butter, banana, sandwich thin, milk

Lunch (7)–Chicken Souvlaki Sandwich, greek side salad

Snack (2)– mini cherry pie Lara Bar

Dinner (6)–Buffalo Chicken Meatloaf with Blue Cheese

Snack (3.5)–Girl Scout cookies

Running Weekly totals used 28 of 35 weekly points, earned 9 activity points.

Alison’s times for the Fitness for Vitality 3 race series

Jan = 50 Alison 40:27 (out of 73 women)
Feb = 40 Alison  38:22 (out of 66 women)
Mar = 13 Alison  34:26  (out of 41 women)

Improvement of 6 min 1 sec

The first race I was in week 5 of couch to 5k and I walked a fair amount of it (basically jogged 5 minutes, walked 3), the second race I ran all but about 100 yards of the hill and the third one I ran all of it.

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beej March 29, 2010 at 7:49 PM

Wow! Your times are impressive!

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