Skipped the Superbowl. February 7th Food and Exercise Journal

by Alison on February 8, 2010

We skipped the superbowl but after reading that superbowl sunday is only behind Thanksgiving in terms of food consumption, I’m glad!  Neither of us are football fans and given that the teams were boring there was no drive to watch it.  Instead I cooked and avoided going out.  I started my day with a nice walk/run.  Couch to 5k Week 6 day 1 is in the books and I upped my average speed a bit, hooray.  Then we had a boring breakfast of yogurt and granola with chia seeds.  I’ve jumped on the chia seed bandwagon and given my dislike of fish it seems like a reasonable way to get in those Omega 3s.  For lunch I made Gruyere and roasted onion paninnis, think french onion soup in a sandwich, totally awesome with a nice side salad.  For dinner I made Chili scented pork chops with Quinoa and Roasted Red Pepper Dressing.  The pork chops were good, a touch bland but that’s ok, the quinoa was very tasty and pretty too.  I love mixing red and white quinoa for a bit of extra colour.  Finally for dessert we had flan.

Ate 27.5 of 25 points. Earned 5 activity points.

Breakfast(6) – yogurt(1), maple syurp (0.5), granola (2), 1/2 grapefruit (0.5), chia seeds (1), vitamuffin before the run (1)

Lunch (10.5)–Gruyere and Roasted Onion Paninni (9.5), salad with homemade light ranch dressing (1)

Dinner (11)–Chili Scented Pork Chops (4), Quinoa with Roasted Red Pepper Dressing  (5), Flan (2)

Running Weekly totals used 29.5 of 35 weekly points, earned 7 activity points

Gruyere and Roasted Onion Panni and Salad with De-lightful Ranch Dressing

Chili Scented Pork Chops and Quinoa with Roasted Red Pepper Dressing


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