I ran 3 miles, AGAIN. February 25th Food and Exercise Journal

by Alison on February 26, 2010

So I completed week 8 of couch to 5k and I ran 3 miles AGAIN.  It wasn’t a fluke it was real!  I struggled on the run, my foot hurt in one spot and I was struggling in general so I gave myself permission to stop running when I hit the 28 minutes I was supposed to run, but I kept going giving myself permission to stop at 2.75 miles (the mileage I was supposed to run) but I kept going.  I finished.  I ran 2.9 miles in the 28 minutes of the program and finished the rest in 39:25.  I had to run slower to be able to finish but I did finish I kept at it even with very legitimate places to stop.  I’m proud of myself for pushing through.

For Breakfast I had cherry vanilla oatmeal to fuel my run then made my spinach salad with chicken for lunch, but we were out of almonds so no almonds.  Then I enjoyed the torture of the dentist’s office which surprisingly wasn’t, first time in ages that I had no cavities! and I hadn’t been in 18+ months. For dinner we had the left over brown basmati rice with Thai coconut shrimp, I added a bit more curry paste and it made the flavours a bit more complex.

Ate 24 of 25 points. Earned 5 activity points.

Breakfast(65) – Cherry Vanilla Oatmeal

Lunch (7)–Chicken and Spinach Salad with mandarin oranges

Dinner (8)–Brown Basmati Rice with Thai Coconut Shrimp

Snack (3) brownie

Running Weekly totals used 22.5 of 35 weekly points, earned 27 activity points

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