Date Night. February 6th Food and Exercise Journal

by Alison on February 7, 2010

It was date night and an early celebration of our 6 month anniversary since we are NOT going out Valentine’s day weekend, no way no how.  I went to my WeightWatchers meeting in the morning and lost 0.6 pounds, not as much as I hoped for but more than half a pound so yea me.  For breakfast while I was there I had a yogurt and mandarin oranges.  Then I hit Trader Joe’s.  I forgot that it is Superbowl weekend and TJ was PACKED! what was I thinking???  After getting almost everything on my list (they didn’t have jalapeños 🙁 ) I headed home and made lunch since both Ben and I were quite hungry, yogurt and fruit doesn’t really stick with me.  For lunch I turned the leftover pork loin into sandwiches with parsley shallot sauce on one side of bread and hummus on the other, seriously tasty and I’m not much of a sandwich person.  We then ran some errands, I needed some tools at Sur La Table, I love that store but it’s soooooo dangerous, then went to our favourite steakhouse for dinner.  21 Central is in Kirkland, so a bit of a drive for us now, but totally worth the drive.  The general manager knows us there and he usually either comps us something or last night he charged us significantly less for a nice bottle of wine.  It’s a great special occasion place with really tasty steaks, and when they say rare they MEAN rare, mmmm.  Ben and I split a salad and we each got ribeye one with bernaise and one with a brandy chanterelle sauce, half of which went home in boxes as did half of the baked potato.  We also split a dulce de leche ice cream for dessert.  The portions are huge but hey leftovers are fun, right?  Everytime I go I remember why I like it so much.  It’s also great to sit in a booth with views of the lake.

Ate 52 of 25 points. Earned 2 activity points.

Breakfast(2.5) – Chobani yogurt (2)and 2 small mandarin oranges (0.5)

Lunch (12)–Pork loin sandwich with hummus and parsley shallot sauce and a bag of pretzel thins

Dinner (37.5)–Salad with raspberry vinagrette(2), ribeye (8), bernaise sauce (8) baked potato (1.5) with butter(4.5), sour cream(2) bacon (1.5) and chives(0), wine (4), port (2), ice cream (4)

Running Weekly totals used 27 of 35 weekly points, earned 2 activity points

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beej February 8, 2010 at 8:06 AM

That sound like a great celebration. And 221 Central looks very tasty!

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