30 minutes of running OH MY! February 14th Food and Exercise Journal

by Alison on February 14, 2010

I finished Week 7 day one of couch to 5k, actually I jumped it a bit.  I was supposed to run 25 minutes but I ran 30! 2.25 miles!  I finished 2.61 miles in the 35 minutes of the c25k and then rounded out to 3.1 miles in 40:35, shaving a full minute off my time.  Unfortunately I didn’t eat at all before my run and when I tried to do 30 day shred I got shakey and light headed.  Lesson learned must eat something however small before working out.  I only finished 5 minutes of shred but total I still burned over 600 calories.  For breakfast we did peanut butter banana toast with milk and grapefruit needed the protein and sugar.  For lunch I had hot and sour soup and ben had leftover thai food.

Ate 25 of 25 points. Earned 7 activity points.

Breakfast(7) –peanut butter (2), sandwich thin (1), banana (1.5), skim milk (2), grapefruit (0.5)

Lunch (8.5)–Hot and Sour Soup (8), mandarin oranges (0.5)

Dinner (9)–Slow Cooker Kung Pao Chicken (5), 1/2 cup brown rice (2), snow peas stir fried with sesame oil (2)

Snack (1)–vitatop

Running Weekly totals used 28.5 of 35 weekly points, earned 9 activity points

Slow Cooker Kung Pao Chicken with Brown Rice and Snow Peas

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beej February 15, 2010 at 8:02 AM

🙂 I totally hear you about needing to have somehting (even somehting small) before working out!

Great job on the C25K!!!

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