The Weekly Round up 1/2-1/8

by Alison on January 9, 2010

I got in 7 workouts this week, completed week one of couch to 5k and got in a strength training and yoga workout.

Summary I used 17/35 Weekly Points and I earned 30 Activity Points.

I lost 3 pounds, lost that pesky holiday weight and then some!  Ok so the holiday weight wasn’t real, afterall I weighed in the day after new years and I enjoyed cheese and champagne on New Year’s but its still gone!  And even better I’m at 51.8 for the 52 weeks since I started, close enough to 52 to call it 52, or a pound a week!

Saturday 19.5 of 25 Greek Style Cheeseburgers very good. Earned 2 activity points

Sunday 24.5 of 25 points. Earned 5 activity points.

Monday 20 of 25 points. Earned 6 activity points, vegetarian day had spicy peanut soup for lunch and vegetarian black bean chili for dinner.

Tuesday 42 of 25 points. Earned 5 activity points. cracked crab for lunch and Indian out for dinner.

Wednesday 19 of 25 points. Earned 5 activity points.  Roasted cornish rock hens, quinoa with spianch and zucchini with oregano and feta, yummm!

Thursday 24.5 of 25 points. Earned 5 activity points, leftovers

Friday 24 of 25 points leftovers. 2 activity points, leftovers

Last week’s workouts

Total Activity
activity points 30
Calories Burned 3144

Saturday-(2) Treadmill 196
Sunday- (5) Couch to 5k 534
Monday-(6) Firm, Yoga and treadmill 623
Tuesday- (5) Couch to 5k 515
Wednesday-(5) Step and Treadmill 543
Thursday- (5) Couch to 5k 517
Friday- (2) treadmill 216

I plan to workout every day this week (with 2 lower intensity days).  I plan to get a vegetarian day in again this week, I also would like 2 strength training days but will play it by ear based on soreness.

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