Sewing, sewing and more sewing. January 27th Food and Exercise Journal

by Alison on January 28, 2010

Ate 24 of 25 points. Earned 5 activity points.

Breakfast(4.5) –Peanut butter banana toast

Lunch (7.5)–Beef, Mushroom and Barley Soup(5.5), yogurt (2)

Dinner (10)–Leftover Baked Winter Squash Lasagna (6), Roasted Asparagus with Balsamic Brown Butter (2), Wine (2)

Snack(2)–Chocolate Yogurt (2)

Feeling better, still stuffed up so I decided to not do weights, I didn’t feel I could challenge myself so I walked on the dreadmill instead for an hour, boooooooring even with an audio book.  Running has really changed my treadmill workouts making them feel faster.

For breakfast I had one of my favourite fallbacks, peanut butter and banana on toast, yummy.  For lunch I made Beef, Mushroom and Barley Soup, It made more than 1.5 cups per serving so I had the extra quarter of a serving 🙂 For dinner we had leftover squash lasagna and I roasted asparagus, really thin yummy ones and poured balsamic brown butter over them, so tasty and so simple.  I froze the remaining 4 servings of lasagna for a week I’m feeling lazy.

I spent most of my day trying to fix the first real dress I made for the SCA, and making it more period by taking out my ode to lazyness, grommets and sewing around the holes for the laces.  Unfortunately, or fortunately depending which part you look at, its too big for me and I’m not sure I can make the alterations that I need to for this weekend on my own, I might do a quick running stitch up the back to tighten it and hope the over dress covers up the ugliness, but then it also covers up all my hard work to make period ties…

I also continued with the 5 minutes of walking on the treadmill for every hour I’m doing nothing physical, this includes watching TV, working on the computer, even sewing as I’m not all that active.  It does not include time spent shopping or cooking as I’m on my feet.  According to my bodybugg I burned 2900 calories the last 2 days and racked up over 2 hours of activity, including the hour on the treadmill.  Not bad, its so painless and fast and even though I’ve refined it to 10 minutes every 2 hours its still fast and painless, really loving what its doing for me.

Running Weekly totals used 19.5 of 35 weekly points, earned 26 activity points

Beef, Mushroom and Barley Soup

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