Kitchen tools that I can’t live without for low calorie cooking

by Alison on January 3, 2010

There are many tools that any cook can’t live without, ever try cutting a ton of vegetables without a sharp knife? But for low calorie cooking I have specific tools that I look to.

I love having steamer baskets for veggies, you can always add some fat later if you want it.

My misto sprayer!!!! With this handy tool you add your favourite oil pump it up and voila fine spray to coat pans or foods. I prefer this to traditional cooking sprays for a couple of reasons. First no propellants or other garbage no body needs, second I can fill it with my favourite oil and know it is fresh. I use this both to coat pans and also to spray some olive oil on foods that I am oven “frying” it adds so much crunch. I am actually up to 2 one for canola oil or regular olive oil for cooking and one for extra virgin olive oil as a finisher for oven “fried” foods.

Immersion blender, great for soups, smoothies etc especially smoothies for one right in the glass.

Stainless Steel Cookware, mostly non stick and provides a much better sear to meat than non stick pans. New favourite is the Scanpan which is a ceramic titanium pan and even though it is nonstick it does not have the issues of non stick pans in terms of the surface coming off.

Grill pans are great for indoor grilling and the fat falls into the wells and away from the food and now that I have a new non warped one I love it even more!

Adjustable” measuring spoons. These are tubes with a plunger, you set it to the amount you want and fill it. I love it for things like butter, peanut butter and honey which are sticky and not easy to measure in traditional spoons.

And of course, measuring cups and spoons and my food scale.

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