Biggest Loser Week One

by Alison on January 7, 2010

I’m not sure what I think of Biggest Loser this week.  It’s great that they are helping bigger people, but how much is for the ratings??? At what point do they find people who can’t do what they are asking of them?

Personally I didn’t like sending home 2 teams based on a challenge as soon as they stepped onto Ranch.  Those are potentially the people who need to be there the most.  I’m glad that they have the chance to come back and I think they might be doing it for similar reasons to sending home half the contestants in Season 7, to show that people can do lose at home.

I’m glad to see Bob and Jillian training together again, I think it’s probably the best of both worlds for the contestants and if I were there I’d want to have access to both of them.  So far I don’t have a favourite, but I didn’t early in last season either, we’ll see who I end up rooting for.

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