October 7th Food and Exercise Diary

by Alison on October 7, 2009

Ate 25.5 of 26 points earned 4 activity points.

Breakfast(4)– Peanut butter, 1/2 banana and sandwich thin
Lunch (6)-Sandwich (5) (Sandwich thin (1), laughing cow (1), 2 oz chicken breast (1), roasted red pepper (0), 1 oz reduced fat cheddar (2)), carrots (0),
Snack (2.5) -apple and walnuts
Dinner (11.5)-Beef Stew (6), potatoes (1.5), beer (3), horseradish sauce (1)
Snack (2) – skim milk

Beef Stew was awesome, rich and flavourful and thick and NO added fat as well as using well trimmed beef.

Knee still hurts did a stroll in the afternoon slower than usual still did 3 miles burned 371 calories.

Running Weekly totals used 25 of 35 weekly points earned 24 activity points.

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