October 6th Food and Exercise Diary

by Alison on October 7, 2009

Ate 24 of 26 points earned 3 activity points.

Breakfast(6)– Oatmeal (2.5), raspberry preserves (1), 1/4 cup skim milk (0.5), chicken breakfast sausage (2)
Lunch (5)-Spaghetti Squash (0), Tomato-Meat Sauce (5)
Snack (1) -spaghetti squash seeds, roasted (1)
Dinner (9)-Chicken Paprikash(4), whole wheat penne (3), wine (2), roasted red peppers (0)
Snack (3) – vitamuffin (1), skim mlk (2)

My knee was hurting and I was running around doing errands all day so no afternoon walk

Did an hour of weights and the ssp challenges for 312 calories burned.

Running Weekly totals used 25 of 35 weekly points earned 20 activity points.

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