October 12th Food and Exercise Diary

by Alison on October 12, 2009

Ate 25 of 26 points earned 9 activity points.

Breakfast(5)-sandwich thin, peanut butter, raspberry jam, apple
Lunch (6.5)-Asian Flavoured Chicken and Rice Soup (4), pear (1), cottage cheese (1.5)
Snack (3)-Apple (1), peanut butter (2)
Dinner (8)-Autumn Pot Roast (6), wine (2)
Snack (2.5)-Pop Chips

I’m trying to stick to 25 points a day this week as I am close to going down to 25 points and I have found when I’m within a pound or 2 I often don’t lose as much if I stick to the higher points target.

Made and Asian Flavoured Chicken and Rice Soup that was quite good, loved the ginger and sesame flavours. One serving was 2 points so I had 2 for 4.
Dinner was an Autumn Pot Roast.

Walk/Jogged on the treadmill in the morning for 5 points and walked in the afternoon for 4 more, burned 943 calories.

Running Weekly totals used 24 of 35 weekly points earned 18 activity points.

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