Body Bugg LOVING it!

by Alison on October 23, 2009

Let me start with I LOVE my new toy. Love it! What is this new toy you ask. It’s a Body Bugg. Now you ask what on earth is a body bugg??? Well my friends it’s a weight loss toy for gadget freaks like me. Yes, I love gadgets. I have used and continue to use a heart rate monitor and I used to use a pedometer but my body bugg has one built in!

So what does this new toy do?

It monitors your motion through an accelerometer, basically sensing how your body moves on a number of axis,

It has a pedometer to count steps and the accelerometer can tell the difference between a running gait and a walking gait.

It measures your galvanic skin response, our skin becomes more electrically conductive as we sweat (gross)

It measures skin temperature and heat flux, when we move our muscles produce heat and the device measures the heat that’s flowing from the body into the environment.

With all these measures they get a pretty accurate picture of our calorie burn. They are clinically proved to be within 5% on exercise and more than 90% accurate on daily activity.

So all of this together gives you a picture of your body’s caloric expenditure. This together with a 3 day review of your diet gives you a calorie target and if you are aiming for weight loss you enter your weight loss goal in pounds per week. With this number it creates a calorie deficit you need to reach daily to reach your goal.

Wearing the body bugg tracks caloric expenditure, with the display you can see where you are at or you can upload it. You can also enter your food online and it tracks your calories consumed and your calories burned. It shows your progress on calories burned, calories consumed and caloric deficit. It also gives you a break down of nutrients in your diet. It also tracks your physical activity how many minutes spent in moderate activity and how many in “vigorous” activity. The pedometer tracks your steps and finally it tracks your sleep. I was surprised to discover for the first 4 hours I’m in bed I wake up for about 5 minutes every 15-45 minutes and I only get one full REM cycle a night, no wonder I’m so tired!

Oh by the way I guess it has been renamed GoWear Fit, still great product even if its not a great name. Spendy but awesome

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