The Weekly Round up 9/19-9/25

by Alison on September 26, 2009

I got in 8 workouts this week.

OK so down to the details of the week.

Summary I used 25.5/35 Weekly Points and I earned 35 Activity Points.
I’m up 1.6 pounds!!!!! Grrrr usually I can point to something I did in the week that led to a gain but not this week, which is what frustrates me. It’s not the loss that is frustrating it’s the not knowing what led to it. Logically it is upping my workouts and having alot of sore muscles, sore muscles retain water to help them heal, but there is no eating incident that pops out and says me me pick me.
This week I cooked a pork shoulder on monday and made it into 3 different meals all of which turned out well and some of which will be remade with chicken for a lighter option.

Saturday 41 of 26 points Cooking class tasting and pizza for dinner. No activity

Sunday 25 of 26 points Cherry Vanilla Oatmeal, grilled cheese for lunch and greek style stuffed peppers for dinner, these turned out very well, hearty filling and only about 2.5 oz of meat in each serving. No activity

Monday 25 of 26 points Peanut butter and banana on a sandwich thin, leftover peppers and the first of the many pork meals this week, Roasted Pork with salsa verde, brown rice and greenbeans. Earned 4 activity points

Tuesday 26 of 26 points leftovers. 4 activity points

Wednesday 27.5 of 26 points. Chipotle pork tacos, YUM. Earned 9 activity points

Thursday 28.5 of 26 points, leftover tacos. 9 activity points

Friday 33.5 of 26 points chopped chicken salad and chicken wontons for lunch, pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw. Made the dressing with low fat mayo and it turned out really well.

I had a goal of 24 activity points this week and I exceeded it! I have upped my activity this week and plan to continue that. My goal for next week is 35 activity points, this includes walking in the afternoon 5 days (I earn about 4 points on these walks) so that’s only 15 activity points elsewhere, I will probably exceed this but the goal is 35.

GOALS. Ok so with the lose for good campaign I decided I could lose 10 pounds, well no. When will I learn that setting myself a number and a date always backfires for me????? So instead my new goal is to lose and to up my activity and make progress on the 200 squats, 100 push-ups and 200 sit up challenges. These goals are much more realistic and achievable.

Next Week’s Menu
Saturday- Eating Out
Sunday- Mac and 4 cheese (sounds decadent but its only 8 points and made with winter squash)
Monday-Tuscan Roasted Chicken and Vegetables
Wednesday-Sweet and Sour Shrimp with Brown Rice
Friday- Leftovers

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