September 28th Food Diary

by Alison on September 28, 2009

Ate 25.5 of 26 points earned 10 activity points.

Breakfast(4.5)– Peanut butter, banana and sandwich thin
Snack (1)-2 small plums (1), fiberone yogurt (0)
Lunch (5.5)-BLT and Salad
Snack (2)-yogurt
Dinner (11.5)-Tuscan Roasted Chicken with Vegetables (8.5), Brown Rice (2) wine (1)
Snack (1)-Vitamuffin

Burned 970 Calories walking on the Treadmill. I did 2 walks again, hovering around 2 hours. Dinner was Tuscan Roasted Chicken and Vegetables turned out well and very easy walk away recipe.

Running Weekly totals used 28.5 of 35 weekly points earned 18 activity points.

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