September 23rd Food Diary

by Alison on September 23, 2009

Ate 27.5 of 26 points earned 9 activity points.

Earned 9 activity points on the treadmill, the bowflex, then the treadmill again.
Breakfast(5)– Cherry Vanilla Oatmeal
Lunch (6.5)-Sandwich Thin (1), Laughing Cow (1), 1 cup cucumbers(0), 1/2 cup tomatoes(0), lettuce (0), ham (2), zucchini with feta (2.5)
Snack (3)-Apple (1), Peanut butter (2)
Dinner (12)-Adobo Pork Tacos with Avocado (11), Tomato Salad (1)
Snack (1)-Vitamuffin (Banana Fudge)

Burned 866 calories. Biggest loser has inspired me to up my workouts again so I worked out 2 hours today and burned lots of calories. in light of this I have upped my weekly activity goal from 20 activity points to 24. Post to follow soon about my new plans…
Dinner was very good pork tacos, super tasty.

Running Weekly totals used 16.5 of 35 weekly points earned 17 activity points.

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