September 17th Food Diary

by Alison on September 18, 2009

Ate 20 of 26 points earned 4 activity points.

Breakfast(5.5)– Cherry Vanilla Oatmeal (5), Brown Sugar (0.5)
Lunch (6.5)-Salad with Vinagrette topped with Steak (6.5)
Dinner (7)-Smashed Potatoes (2), Turkey Meatloaf (4), Creamed Spinach (1)
Snack (1)-Vitamuffin (1)

Did the treadmill and 80 sit ups. Thinking of doing the two hundred sit-up challenge and the 100 push-up challenge that I read about on roni’s weigh and maybe throw in the 200 squat one too, we’ll see. Is anyone interested in joining in? You do a “pre-test” then follow the plan to hit those targets in 6 weeks. These are great general measures of fitness and might be fun to do with others. Here is the link to the sit-up one you can link to the other 2 from there.

Running Weekly totals used 1.5 of 35 weekly points earned 14 activity points.

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