Where I get my nutritional information

by Alison on August 6, 2009

So with most recipes I try to put in the approximate nutritional information so people not following WeightWatchers can adapt the meals to their diets and or nutritional needs. Someone asked me the other day where I got that information so here is the requested info.

I use Calorie King for my calorie and nutritional counting needs. This handy website includes the calorie, fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbs, fiber, sugar, calcium and potassium of most foods.

That’s alot of information and they have a handy drop down for you to enter the quantity that you are using.

I then enter this information into a spreadsheet that I made in excel, which adds up each column and then divides it by serving size and gives me a count for each of those values and the WW points value as well.

So why you ask is this information labeled approximate everywhere? Well it’s not exact. I have no idea how much of a marinade is absorbed versus thrown out, how much fat this particular piece of beef lets out and how good i was at pouring off the fat. Sometimes they only have a weight measure when I used a dry measure so I have to approximate or go into the kitchen and pour that dry measure then dump it on the scale. I am however trying to switch entirely to weighing my food, it’s more accurate and since my scale can be zeroed between additions I use less dishes!

I hope this helps people know where my information comes from and helps them with creating their own recipes.

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