August 5th Food Diary

by Alison on August 6, 2009

Ate 26 of 26 points earned 5 activity points.
Breakfast(2)-Sandwich Thin and laughing cow (2)
Workout (5)-Treadmill and Bowflex
Second Breakfast(1)-Nectarine and Chobani Greek Yogurt (2)
Lunch(6)-Gazpacho (2), Sourdough (2), Bummel and Brown (1)
Dinner (11.5)-Chicken Pesto Pasta with zucchini (7.5), Wine (2), Snap peas with sesame oil (2)
Snack (4)-Slow churned Chocolate fudge chunk low fat ice cream

I made a light pesto with almost no oil and lemon juice instead of most of the oil. It tastes light and the basil really shines (so does the garlic if you use to much of it.) All in all a fast satisfying dinner.

Running Weekly totals used 34 of 35 weekly points earned 20 activity points.

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