August 4th Food Diary

by Alison on August 4, 2009

Ate 25.5 of 26 points earned 6 activity points.
Breakfast(2)-Sandwich Thin and laughing cow (2)
Workout (6)-Treadmill
Second Breakfast(1)-Nectarine and Chobani Greek Yogurt (2)
Lunch(6)-Egg (4) Sandwich thin and laughing cow (2)
Dinner (13.5)-Chicken Souvlaki Sandwich (6), Gazpacho (1), Greek Salad (1), feta (1.5), wine (2), tapioca pudding(2)
Snack (1)-Vita muffin

The Gazpacho turned out soooo good, I used 1 TBSP oil for the entire 4 quart batch, the veggies just had so much flavour and melded together so well. I love gazpacho in the summer but I really can’t wait until MY veggies are ready for gazpacho! They are coming along nicely but knowing my luck everything will be ready to pick the 10 days I’m gone 🙁 The chicken souvlaki sandwich is a favourite of Ben’s so it went into the rotation this week with a very lightened up greek salad.

Running Weekly totals used 34 of 35 weekly points earned 15 activity points.

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