The Weekly Round up 7/4-7/10

by Alison on July 11, 2009

So the long weekend of food indulgence and my exercise plans getting half-way derailed due to a painful knee resulted in a smaller than expected and smaller than hoped for loss. I think my lesson learned is that the weekly points go over much better when I am exercising or at least getting lots of daily activity.

I lost 0.2 pounds AGAIN! A loss is a loss but a bit more attention and a bit less berry crisp could have made this a much bigger week, all aboard next week.

OK so down to the nitty gritty of the week.
Summary I used 20.5/35 Weekly Points and I earned a measly 14 Activity Points, I thought last week’s 17 was low…
Exercise, exercise, exercise I must get it in.

Saturday I at 45 of 27 points enjoying the 4th including cheeseburgers and berry crisp. I earned one activity point walking the dogs.

Sunday I ate 27.5 of 27 points. Leftovers and such, again I earned 1 activity point walking the dogs…

Monday I ate 27 of 27 points, Ben had the day off so we didn’t do much I earned 2 Activity points walking around…

Tuesday 27 of 27 points and earned 5 activity points on the treadmill, it felt good to get back on but sad how quickly fitness fades…

Wednesday 23.5 of 27 points and earned 5 activity points on the treadmill.

Thursday 25.5 of 27 points and no activity due to a very sore knee.

Friday 29 of 27 points not sure why I ever think its a good idea to use weekly points the day before a weigh-in, the volume alone doesn’t look good on the scale.

So that was the week, Exercise needs to come back to the forefront and I need to be more mindful of my food choices, not so much what I eat but when I eat it and how much.

Next Week’s Menu
Saturday- Going out for Diane’s Birthday (to an awesome steak house plan to use the weekly’s)
Sunday- Grilled Chicken, Orzo with red onions and zucchini, and green beans
Monday-Hamburger Cheddar Macaroni Toss (new recipe) and Broccoli
Tuesday-Feta Chicken Pasta and Salad
Thursday-Proven├žal Style Vegetable and Chickpea Stew over rice

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