The Weekly Round up 7/18-7/24

by Alison on July 25, 2009

I got in 6 workouts this week but the scale chose not to reflect this. I did add weight training back in and I am probably retaining alot of water around that, you can retain up to 4 pounds of water when you are actively building muscle.

OK so down to the nitty gritty of the week.
Summary I used 24/35 Weekly Points and I earned 27 Activity Points.

Saturday I ate 36 of 27 points, went to Indian for dinner.

Sunday I ate 42 of 27 points. Had Pizza and beer for lunch, soooo caloric, earned 3 Activity points walking the dogs.

Monday I ate 21.5 of 27 points, tried a new recipe that was good, Chicken Peanut Soba Salad, and arguably better a couple days later. Worked on the bowflex for the first time in a while and walked on the treadmill for 6 activity points earned.

Tuesday 25.5 of 27 points and earned 5 activity points on the treadmill, pulled out an old favourite recipe that was yummy

Wednesday 26 of 27 points and earned 5 activity points on the treadmill and bowflex.

Thursday 23 of 27 points and earned 6 activity points on the treadmill

Friday 25 of 27 points and earned 2 activity points doing the bowflex. Tried the fish tacos, they turned out well, I’ll eat them again. Even had shrimp salad for lunch.

I got fully back into working out, still aiming for 28 activity points a week but I was close this week. Tried and succeeded working some fish into our diets, now we just need to try to include a vegetarian and a fish in as much as possible.

Next Week’s Menu
Saturday- Going out for dinner
Sunday- Turkey Enchilada Casserole (new recipe) (didn’t try last week we weren’t hungry for dinner)
Monday-Chicken and vegetable Tikka with brown rice
Tuesday-Crab Cakes with Smarter Tartar Sauce and salad
Wednesday-Orange-Chipotle BBQ pork chops with Grilled onions and green beans
Also making a minted pea soup for lunch this week.

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