One Point Happy foods

by Alison on July 8, 2009

My new favourite one point food are Oroweat Sandwich Thins. Whole grain, no icky high fructose corn syrup garbage, a bit bigger in circumference than a hamburger bun but much much thinner. Honestly when you have a hamburger its not about the bun anyways so what a great way to save some calories.

Nutrition Facts
100 Calories
1 gram of Fat
5 grams of Fiber
2 grams of sugar
5 grams of Protien

What’s not to love????
I even sent Ben to work with a sandwich on one and no complaints
This morning I had a breakfast sandwich on one and they are perfect! The hold the egg better than englishmuffins and give just the right amount of bread product, I’m there for the egg and cheese not the bun, but I do like food you can pick up.

Speaking of which 3 point breakfast sandwich
1 egg (2)
1/4 cup egg white (0)
1 tbsp parmesan cheese (0.5) i had less but lets count it all
Oroweat Sandwich Thin (1)
I rounded out breakfast with some milk (2) should keep me full all day

Seriously I really recommend these, they are soft, not too thick, just yummy and 1 point!!!

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