July 9th Food Diary

by Alison on July 10, 2009

Ate 25.5 of 27 points earned zero activity due to my knee being sore.
Breakfast(3.5)-Breakfast Sandwich (3.5)
Workout none
Lunch (6.5)-Grilled Cheese: Sandwich Thin (1), 3/4oz cheddar (2), wedge laughing cow light cheese (1); 2 cups lettuce (0), 1 cup carrots (0), 2 tsp olive oil (2.5), lime juice (0)
Dinner (8.5)-5 oz grilled pork tenderloin (4.5), 1 serving mushroom and spinach couscous (3), 1.5 cups broccoli (0.5), 1 TBSP parmesan (0.5)
Snack(7)-partial serving of berry crisp, skim milk (2)

My knee felt a bit better over the course of the day, so I’m hoping it will feel even better tomorrow. Even if it feels fine I don’t plan to do more than 30 minutes on the treadmill, just in case. So far this week the scale has not been my friend, we’ll see on Saturday (yes, I weigh myself everyday, it helps erode shock at how much it can fluctuate in a given week)

Running Weekly totals used 18.5 of 35 weekly points earned 14 activity points

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