July 26th Food Diary

by Alison on July 26, 2009

Ate 25 of 26 points earned 4 activity points.
Breakfast(10)-Blueberry and Cornmeal Pancakes with brummel and brown and syrup
Workout (4)-Exercise Bike and walked dogs
Lunch (4.5)-Sandwich thin, laughing cow, yogurt and raspberries
Dinner (9.5)-Turkey Enchilada Casserole (8.5), salad with vinagrette (1)
Snack (1)-Vitalicious muffin

Smashed up and rubbed my hands raw when the dog took off with my hand wrapped up in the leash. My right hand is covered in bruises and the rope burn that I got from the leash in 3 spots rubbed it to the point of bleeding and I smacked down on my side, so weights might be a challenge this week.

Running Weekly totals used 31 of 35 weekly points earned 4 activity points.

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