July 21st Food Diary

by Alison on July 22, 2009

Ate 25.5 of 27 points earned 5 activity points.
Breakfast(4.5)-Oroweat Double Fiber Bread (1), Medium Banana (1.5), Peanut butter (2)
Workout (5)- Hour on the Treadmill
Lunch (8)-2x Oroweat Double Fiber Bread (2), 3/4 oz slice Cheddar Cheese (2), 1 wedge Laughing Cow Cheese (1), 3 oz deli turkey breast (2), Salad with 1 tsp olive oil (1)
Snack (1)- Nectarine (1)
Dinner (11)– Savory Chicken Couscous (7), Tunisian Zucchini Salad (2)
Snack (1)– Banana Nut Vitatop muffin and fiber one key lime nonfat yogurt (0)

Had a grilled turkey and cheese for lunch which was pretty good. The chicken tagine and the zucchini salad were both excellent, the chicken dish I have prepared a few times before. I like that you can make each individual serving more or less spicy by the amount of harissa that you use.

Running Weekly totals used 24 of 35 weekly points earned 14 activity points.

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