July 14th Food Diary

by Alison on July 15, 2009

Ate 27 of 27 points earned 5 activity points.
Breakfast(5)-laughing cow cheese (1), Sandwich thin (1), Blueberry Blast Smoothie (3)
Workout 1 hour on the treadmill
Lunch (8)-lefover orzo with zucchini and red onion (4), 3 oz pork tenderloin (3), Salad with lettuce and carrots from the garden with olive oil and lemon juice (1)
Dinner (8)-Chicken-Feta Pasta (6), Salad (1), green beans with 1 tsp butter (1)
Snack- (3)– Pita Chips(3)

I got my fruit in in the morning again, i need to go up to the farm and get more fresh raspberries and blueberries soooo good.

The Chicken-Feta Pasta was good and filling and had lots of flavours going on I think it will be the recipe of the week, like Monday’s dinner I wasn’t sure it would be enough but at 6 points it was easy to supplement with a salad and green beans and honestly the serving was probably large enough already.

Did my hour on the treadmill, soooo boring but I feel good after and seeing my heartrate monitor tell me that I burned over 500 calories is always nice.

Running Weekly totals used 30 of 35 weekly points earned 12 activity points

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Sarah July 15, 2009 at 4:46 PM

I love that feeling when you blast a ton of calories. Yes, it's an accomplishment in its own right. It also represents a long stretch of time when temptation isn't a factor to battle and you can lay down your arms, so to speak!

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