July 11th Food Diary

by Alison on July 12, 2009

Ate 57 of 27 points earned zero activity.
Breakfast(5)-1.5 cups raspberries (1), WW Apple Cinnamon Bar (1), Fat Free Latte (2)
Workout none
Lunch (4)-Sandwich Thin (1), Laughing Cow Cheese (1), 1.5 cups cherries (2)
Dinner (44)-Ribeye (6.5), 1/4 cup Bernaise Sauce (8), Baked Potato (3), Sour Cream (4.5), Bacon Bits (1), Coconut Cake (split) (11), 2 glasses wine (3.5), Butter (5), Bread (1.5), Creamed Spinach (4)

Yes, it was worth it, sooooo good. We went to 21 Central Steak House, we have had the General Manager serve us every time we go in and he usually comps us something this time it was Diane’s desert and he charged us for a cheap port then gave us a flight of a 10, 20 and 30 year port, the 10 was good the 30 was amazing.

So the rest of the week I plan to really stick to the program and get lots of exercise in!

Running Weekly totals used 30 of 35 weekly points earned 0 activity points

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